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Love Dolls: Rather Expensive, But Worth The Price

If you’re looking for a heightened sexual experience, then you’re in luck: today’s high-end sex dolls can help you find that higher plateau of sexual experience you’ve always wanted. Of course, there are some things to take into consideration. They’re not as inexpensive as older models made from cheap material or lesser designs. But quality isn’t inexpensive, and modern love dolls are worth their price.

There’s something else to consider: if you invest a lot of money in a relationship that dies after a month, that’s money down the drain. Even though a sex doll can set you back a good amount of money, it’s not money down the drain. A high-end sex doll will last for years, as long as you take care of it properly. You’re not spending money on a date, a meal or a hotel room – you’re buying a companion who can be with you for the long term.

If this has piqued your interest in love dolls, you probably want to know the steps to take that will ensure that you’re really getting your money’s worth. Here’s a quick buying guide that will help you choose a sex doll that you’ll view as a great investment and not just temporary excitement.

Material Matters

You can find a cheap sex doll for a hundred dollars, or even less. Here’s the problem, though: it will probably be made of a material like vinyl, which can pop just like a beach ball, or rubber, which will feel like you’re screwing a red playground ball and not a real live human being.

Look for a love doll that’s made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. They have a feel that’s incredibly similar to human skin, along with the durability that will let your doll stand up to repeated uses over a number of years. These sex dolls are definitely worth their price.

Important Features

Higher-priced dolls won’t just feel like people – they’ll look like people, too. Once you’re shopping in the “premium aisle,” you’ll be able to choose a love doll who looks exactly like your dream partner. Busty? Full figured? Lithe and athletic? Long blonde hair? On the younger side? MILF? Asian? Or perhaps a male sex doll? The sky’s the limit; there are dolls to match every preference and fetish in the sexual world. And you can even custom-order your own sex doll for a perfect match with your long-time fantasies.


The last thing on this list is flexibility. Well-made, higher-priced sex dolls are capable of getting into any sexual position, so if there’s a position your human partner isn’t up for – or if you want to give something new a try before asking a partner to do it with you – there’s no better way to “get ‘er done.”

Who Do Sex Dolls Look Like? Almost Anyone You Choose

If you have considered buying sex dolls before, and found limited options, you will surely be amazed with the love dolls you can find on the market today. There is a great improvement with sex doll appearance because they are now more life-like. It might even be hard for you to know that you are just looking at a doll unless you touch it.

How Do You Want Your Sex Doll to Look Like

It is now possible for people to transform their sex doll into anyone they like for example their dream girl, past relationship, or their crush. If sex dolls before are not that attractive, these days, you can customize your dolls with the appearance you want. This is one of the greatest improvements in sex dolls that contribute to its increasing popularity. So, if you are ready to customize your sex doll, here are the steps that you should follow.

  • Decide for the body type you want for your sex doll and choose a head that will be perfect for the body. Make sure that the body and the face are proportion to each other.
  • There are different skin color that you can choose from such as medium, tan, pink, white, fair, and more. If you want your doll to look like a real one then choose a skin that is more life-like.
  • The color of the eyes can also be customized.
  • After that, look for a hairstyle that will suit the head or the face of the doll. If you are attracted to long hair then go for long hair.
  • Decide for the size of the breast as well as the size and color of the nipples.
  • When it comes to the mouth of your doll, you can choose standard and then complete the set of teeth and then the tongue.

It is possible for you to transform your sex doll into a celebrity because you have the freedom to decide on how you want your doll to look like. There are still a lot of things that you can expect when it comes to a sex doll appearance and you can even make your doll look like your dream girl. It seems that everything is possible not only with the positions you want to do with your doll but also on how it looks.

Can You Use Lube With A Sex Doll? Should You?

When you are an adult male, you know that there is nothing more pleasurable than having a female partner to spend the night with and spice up your sex life. But in case you don’t have a partner with you at the moment, then the best option is to get a beautiful sex doll to serve as your bed companion and take your boredom and loneliness away.

Sex dolls are perfect companions for any naughty things you like in bed. You can kiss them, touch and stroke them, and of course, do the deed with them. But when it comes to the said deed, what’s your preferred thing to do – use lubrication with your sex doll or not? No matter how easy it seems doing it with her, just like with an actual female, better do it with lubrication.

Better With Lube

Lube is a liquid that is designed to make penetration much easier during sex. Despite the fact that there are cavities that lubricate naturally on their own, using the best lube will make the act much better, which makes way for a higher level of orgasm and satisfaction.

Using this liquid is normally done when you are getting it on with a human partner. But what about getting it on with a sex doll? As you can see, sex dolls are made of materials different from the human flesh, no matter how highly realistic they are. But sex dolls of today are built and designed in the way that closely resembles everything in a human female body – from the looks down to the texture of her body.

Because of that, the way you should treat a sex doll must be the same way as how you should treat a female partner – and that includes ensuring the doll’s safety your own sexual pleasure by using the best lubricating product.

Once you start using the best lubricating product to your beloved sex doll, not only you will ensure that your doll will not get some damages due to friction and other acts, but also you will get the higher levels and better quality of sexual pleasure, making it feel like it’s better than doing it with a female partner.

Use Lube For Best Pleasure!

The best sex with dolls are not just through the doll’s beauty and the way you get it on, but also through the quality of lube you are using with her. Ensure better sex and the safety of your doll by using lubrication on a regular basis.