Moonland Adult Shop is a passion project that was years in the making, driven by the desire to empower both men and women to own their sexuality. The idea to put up an online sex shop promoting sex education started back in 2019. 

At the time, the founder Moonie Sanders had been dating her soon to be husband for a while in the West Coast but had to be away for a while before their wedding date. For her birthday, Moonie was presented by her husband a small vibrator. Moonie, growing up in a local conservative culture, sex was not usually talked about — much less sex toys.

Soon, Moonie has been enlightened by the world of self-love that has taken on a whole new meaning. She then made sure that couples like her and her husband know the importance of their sexual needs when distant from each other without compromising the sanctity of their marriage. Not long after, Moonland Adult Shop was established.