Month: May 2022

How Do They Make Sex Dolls That Look Like Porn Stars?

You probably have a favorite porn start you go to a site to watch their videos. They might look appealing or sexy that you can look at them do the deed for days on end. Dreaming about them or having the desire to have sex with them is not so uncommon of a feeling. But what if you can incorporate their physical features to your love doll? What if you have a technology that can provide for your pleasure to get your favorite porn star in the sheets with you?

That’s right, you can stop dreaming about your favorite porn starts doing it with you, because you can have them plastered to your love doll when you buy one. You might ask what this type of love doll is, but there’s not much similarities, because now your love doll is customized to your liking. If you find the idea neat, interesting, or weird, then you should still stick around to know more about what these sex dolls entail for your pleasure.

Customization – how it works

Many people still don’t know how customizing a love doll works. It’s quite simple, and there’s no outrageous method that’s used to make your favorite and carbon copies of people. If you go to a sex doll store and see that they offer customization, you can go ahead and ask them to make one for you. Afterwards you’ll be asked to choose between two things: Either you customize the doll on your own or give a copy of the person you want them to copy.

So, let’s say you chose the latter because you want your porn star to be next to you. They have an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that scans the picture and makes sure the doll will be able to look like your porn start in a matter of a few hours. Then they work on it, in which you get to choose whether you want the features to stay as they are or make them bigger or smaller.

Why you should customize

There are a tons of reasons to customize sex dolls. For one, you get better experience since your sex doll looks like someone you truly and sexually adore. Enough imagining, and more on digging the person that makes your heart beat more than a typical love doll. Then there’s also the sense of uniqueness and owning the sex doll.