Month: February 2022

Love Dolls: Rather Expensive, But Worth The Price

If you’re looking for a heightened sexual experience, then you’re in luck: today’s high-end sex dolls can help you find that higher plateau of sexual experience you’ve always wanted. Of course, there are some things to take into consideration. They’re not as inexpensive as older models made from cheap material or lesser designs. But quality isn’t inexpensive, and modern love dolls are worth their price.

There’s something else to consider: if you invest a lot of money in a relationship that dies after a month, that’s money down the drain. Even though a sex doll can set you back a good amount of money, it’s not money down the drain. A high-end sex doll will last for years, as long as you take care of it properly. You’re not spending money on a date, a meal or a hotel room – you’re buying a companion who can be with you for the long term.

If this has piqued your interest in love dolls, you probably want to know the steps to take that will ensure that you’re really getting your money’s worth. Here’s a quick buying guide that will help you choose a sex doll that you’ll view as a great investment and not just temporary excitement.

Material Matters

You can find a cheap sex doll for a hundred dollars, or even less. Here’s the problem, though: it will probably be made of a material like vinyl, which can pop just like a beach ball, or rubber, which will feel like you’re screwing a red playground ball and not a real live human being.

Look for a love doll that’s made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. They have a feel that’s incredibly similar to human skin, along with the durability that will let your doll stand up to repeated uses over a number of years. These sex dolls are definitely worth their price.

Important Features

Higher-priced dolls won’t just feel like people – they’ll look like people, too. Once you’re shopping in the “premium aisle,” you’ll be able to choose a love doll who looks exactly like your dream partner. Busty? Full figured? Lithe and athletic? Long blonde hair? On the younger side? MILF? Asian? Or perhaps a male sex doll? The sky’s the limit; there are dolls to match every preference and fetish in the sexual world. And you can even custom-order your own sex doll for a perfect match with your long-time fantasies.


The last thing on this list is flexibility. Well-made, higher-priced sex dolls are capable of getting into any sexual position, so if there’s a position your human partner isn’t up for – or if you want to give something new a try before asking a partner to do it with you – there’s no better way to “get ‘er done.”