Month: November 2021

It’s True: Some Countries Have Sex Doll Brothels

The demand for sex dolls has escalated in different places all over the world. A lot of people have enjoyed using sex dolls which is why you can already choose from different types of sex dolls such as male sex dolls, female sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, and sex dolls of different ages. Everyone can now find the love doll they are looking for. But did you know that brothels for sex dolls now exist? Yes, that is right. There are countries that already have sex doll brothels where men can enjoy having sex with whatever sex dolls they want.

Countries Where You Can Find A Sex Doll Brothel

For some people, a sex doll brothel is quite unacceptable however, as you can see different countries already have these and full operating. The idea started in Barcelona, Spain wherein four sex dolls are presented. They have the Asian doll, anime doll, and a European doll to satisfy the wildest fantasies of men.

France also has a sex doll brothel with the sex dolls. It is often visited by single men yet, couples have started to try the place. There are people in France who were against the brothel and reported in to the police. However, after the police visited the place, they told that the brothel doesn’t break the law. As a result, the brothel continues its operation.

Another country where you can visit a sex doll brothel is Germany. They have 11 sex dolls made of silicon. Men can choose whatever doll they want or try the most popular sex doll which is Bordoll. The owner says that they already have regular customers. But aside from single men who visit the brothel, they also noticed men with their wives.

There is also a brothel of love dolls in the United Kingdom however, men are allowed to spend time with the dolls first and after that decide whether to take it home or not. It is not just a brothel but it is also a distributor of sex dolls where men and women consider buying one. With the success of the brothel, male love dolls were also offered.

These are just some of the countries where sex doll brothels can be found. Make sure that they follow the proper cleaning of the dolls to avoid getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Yet, if you want a safer sex much better to buy one for yourself.